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Frequently asked questions

When will tickets be available?

Now! Like.. Right Now! QUICK THEY ARE 15% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Click here!

Can children come to the show?

Yes, children are definitely welcomed at Playthrough. It is never too early to introduce the little tykes to the gaming world. Any child nine and under gets free admission with a paying adult.

Where is Playthrough being held?

Playthrough is being held at the Raleigh Convention Center. The address is 500 S Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC 27601.

When will more details about (Insert Line Here) be announced?

Details regarding tournaments, panels, and all that other jazz are still being put together and we will have more details soon. The best way to get updates is to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, as well as joining our mailing list. Are you as excited as we are?

What is an NPC?

Playthrough requires a lot of help in order to keep everything moving at a fast and steady pace. These behind the scenes operations that make it all possible are performed by NPCs who give their time to make it all possible. Just like many games, without the NPC, the entire thing would fall apart.

I'd like to become an NPC! How can I sign up?

First off, you're awesome! NPC Registration is LIVE. Just go here. Thank you so much! We love you.

What is the Grand Tournament?

"I will win the crowd. I will give them something they've never seen before" - Future Grand Tournament winner. The Grand Tournament is a two day all out battle royale. 16 random contestants are pitted against each other in a number of gaming challenges. It all ends with the final 1v1 showdown on our main stage. Note: Only attendees with two day passes can qualify for the tournament. 2019 UPDATE: Unfortunately nobody was interested in this. Maybe we will bring it back someday. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Can I come in cosplay?

Absolutely! Cosplay enriches the overall atmosphere of the convention. We encourage anyone willing to come in costume. We even have a fantastic Cosplay Contest!!!! For rules on that head over to our Cosplay page. Weapon checks will be performed prior to admittance. The following are not permitted -

  • *Cannot fire any sort of projectile
  • *Cannot be an airsoft weapon, even if deactivated
  • *Cannot have a sharp or pointy edge, which includes but is not limited to, swords, knifes, daggers, needles, syringes, ect.
  • *Must comply with local weapon laws

Where are all the sweet panels and tournaments going to be held?

All of our panels and tournaments will be held on our main stage, and in the tournament area, which you can find in our event booklet. Check back later for an updated schedule.

Can I take pictures or videos at the event?

Playthrough is a public event and we welcome the usage of photography. Unless otherwise specified, you are welcome to take pictures or videos. If someone does not want their picture taken then please respect them and don't be a jerk.

Where can I find information on parking and hotels?

All of the details can be found on our travel page. You'll be able to see a list of hotels and parking in the area, as well as an interactive map! Well it's not really an interactive map, it's a link to an interactive map. But the map is pretty cool.

I have a gaming company and this convention look awesome! How do I exhibit?

I can see you're an individual with great taste! The best way to learn more about exhibiting at Playthrough is to visit the Registration page. You can also send an email to Exhibit@PlaythroughGC.com and we will get back to you faster than you can say Parcheesi.

None of these witty, well written F.A.Q's answered my question. Who can I ask?

Don't see your question answered here? Send us an email at Support@PlaythroughGC.com. Response time will vary depending on how cleverly worded your question is...

How many times is the word gladiator posted on your website?

We don't know - what do we look like? Mathematicians?! We run conventions!