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Board Game Demos & More!

Board GAME

Demos & More!

Playthrough will be hosting a variety of different board game demos & more throughout the weekend. All games will be run by our friends at Triangle Game Night and Board Game Bandit! Below is the list and time for all of the fun demos and events. All demos and events are subject to change. Some of these events are things you probably have never experienced or have no clue about. We got you covered, look below for more info about the events. If you don't see a game you like on this list don't worry! We will have a massive free to play board game library at the show, so you may find the game you are looking for there! Hey, did you know that Triangle Game Night does board game meetups regularly? Check them out at our convention for more info!


want to Compete in some tournaments instead of Learn them? head over to our board game tournament page !

SATURday Demos

Sunday Demos

Speed Gaming

Saturday 11am:

Speed Gaming is a Playthrough Exclusive Event designed to introduce you to new games and new gamers quickly. It can be hard finding new players at a convention, and we want to help you find your next gaming group for the weekend and beyond. Come play four 20 minute games with new players every game. Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up and reserve yours. Speed Gaming will feature four games in four different genres:

  1. Wordsy, a surprisingly cutthroat word game where you try to form the best word given eight scoring letters and infinite unscoring ones.

  2. 5 Minute Dungeon, a real-time cooperative game where you must work together to slay numerous monsters and overcome challenges, all within five minutes!

  3. Veggie Garden, an economic, stock market game where you can increase the value of your goods or the quantity of your goods, but rarely both at the same time

  4. Kingdomino, the 2017 Game of the Year winner, a tile laying game that is easy to learn but difficult to master

Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet is a series of board games that emphasize replayability and customization. These games offer a unique experience every time and feel like a new game with few rule changes. These games will feature many expansions if applicable, or will have expansions on the way.


Guildhall with all Expansions

Saturday 3 pm:

Guildhall is an elegant engine building game that is deceptively strategic. Each game features 6 unique characters from a pool of 24. Each character comes in 5 colors and as you acquire each color of that character, the character set gets more powerful. But to score points, you need to complete the character set and lose their abilities. How do you balance engine building and actually winning?

Not Alone with Expansion

Saturday 4 pm:

Not Alone is an extremely tense game of hide and seek where up to 6 Hunted try to avoid the Creature who is trying to assimilate the Hunted. Initially, there are five locations one can hide, each with a unique power. There are locations where you can get stronger, but the creature may be waiting for you. New locations will open up during the game if you can breach the creature's defenses. Work together to avoid assimilation in a game that stresses you out - in a good way!

Luxor with all Expansions

Saturday 5 pm:

The 2018 Game of the Year runner up, Luxor is a hand management game where you cannot reorder your cards in your hand. Each turn, you can only play the leftmost or rightmost card in your hand, and you have several adventures you can move with your card. Each game features a unique tile layout that will change as players capture treasures and alter your plans. With multiple plug and play modules and multiple scoring paths, you can create new experiences every time.

Imhotep with Expansion

Saturday 6 pm:

The 2016 Game of the Year runner up that would have won if Codenames did not exist. Area Control is an odd way for BGG to describe Imhotep because it is so unique. This is a game where every move matters, because other players can control your destiny. However, this means using their turn to give you points, but less points than you'd get on your turn. Each turn, you can either draw cubes to make future moves, make a move, or score a move, and you have to carefully balance the three. With five locations that have four sides that truly feel different, the game offers a great deal of customization.

Indie game spotlight

Saturday 8 pm:

We are shining a spotlight on the indie scene right now! Bringing some of their hard work into the limelight by demoing off some LOCAL TALENT! You hear me? LOCAL TALENT! Be sure to make this spotlight the highlight of your con weekend. Motel 6 leaves the Light on.. will you for these LOCAL INDIE DEVS?... please give me a better description for this event... i need a way out of the dark.... maybe a flashlight?