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Board Game Demos & More!

Board GAME Demos & More!

Playthrough will be hosting a variety of different board game demos & more throughout the weekend. Below is the list and time for all of the fun demos and events. All demos and events are subject to change. If you don't see a game you like on this list don't worry! We will have a massive free to play board game library at the show, so you may find the game you are looking for there! All demos may not be listed, as plenty of vendors host games besides those listed below.

Demos & More


Play to Win

Are you a fan of playing board games? How about winning board games? With "play to win" you do both!

Here is how it works:

  • Sign a Play to Win board game our from the board game area (they will have a sticker on them)

  • Play the game!

  • Return the game back to the board game NPCs!

  • Get a raffle ticket!

  • On Sunday at 4pm, on stage we will raffle those games you played off! You must be there to win.

want to Compete in some tournaments instead of Learn them? head over to our board game tournament page !

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