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What’s better than building card towers all day? KNOCKING THEM DOWN! And we can do that for charity? YEAH WE CAN! After the cosplay contest on Saturday, throw your spare change at card towers for charity at the CardHalla booth! We will be auctioning off the first throw. All money thrown goes to Extra Life! It’s the easiest way to satisfy the 2 basic things all people want to do... Donate and DESTROY!

Here is how it works:


  • Saturday stop by the CardHalla Booth and help build card towers for charity.

  • Build them as high as you can to make them look like juicy targets.


  • At 8:30 PM Saturday come back to the CardHalla Booth.

  • Everyone will now try to knock down the card towers by throwing loose change at them.

  • We will auction off the first throw, and after the first coins has been tossed we will open the floor up to everyone. At this point you can throw coins at the towers whenever you want and as many coins as you want.

  • You must stand behind the throw line, and you are only allowed to throw coins at the towers, not people.

  • All coins thrown and the money from the first throw auction gets donated to the charity Extra Life!