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Become an NPC

Interested in Becoming an NPC?

Want the cheat code to play as an NPC? Fill out the corresponding application below with your information for a chance to join in on the adventure.  Once submitted, you will be contacted by our fancy NPC coordinator. NPCs will be expected to work two 6-hour shifts between both days.  We will take into consideration requested hours and positions. Please note that all new NPCs will be required to attend a mandatory training seminar hosted the Friday evening before Playthrough starts, so please check your availability before signing up. NPCs will receive a complimentary two day pass, as well as a t-shirt for working the show.  Some of the positions we will need are:

  • Move in, Set up, and Break down

  • Info Booth

  • Will Call

  • Escape the Con Actors/Crew

  • Free-To-Play Support Crew

  • Security


Important Info:

Before signing up, realize that being an NPC is not the same as being an attendee at the show. Being an NPC means that you are a part of the show. You will have to wear a lot of different hats, sometimes swapping between entertainment, information, and security, with the end goal that everyone has a good time.  It means becoming a part of a tight knit group of individuals dedicated towards the overall enjoyment and progression of gaming. You are a representation of Playthrough, the staff and the other NPCs donating their time and effort to something they are truly passionate about. If this sounds like something for you, please feel free to sign up today.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Additionally, you will be showered in love and appreciation from staff and fans alike... which is pretty ******* awesome!

Interested in Becoming a DM?


Want to shape the world in your own image? Torment helpless adventures as they try to seek vast riches and treasures? Maybe you want to be a generous god and help new adventures learn the ropes of what role playing games are all about? Sign up to become a DM at Playthrough 2022! Get some great reward for helping out too! Learn more by clicking that apply button below!

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