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Indie Game Dev Contest

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Check out the amazing indie games!

Did you know that the indie game developers at Playthrough have a chance to win $500? All of the indie developers that exhibit at Playthrough are entered into our Indie Game Dev Contest!

We love indie developers and want to shout out the winners of the game developing contest.

Congratulations to our 2023 winners! 

2023 Video Game Winner: Calorie Defenders

Our 2023 Video Game winner is a mix of a 2d action side scroller and a tower defense and it is fantastic! The pixel artwork and cute theme blend together so well that it's a must to add to your steam wish list. Find out more about Calorie Defenders.

2023 Table Top Winner: Fable's End

Fable's End is a beautiful card game that will blow your mind. It was a must see at the 2023 convention and since has had a successful kickstart which hit multiple stretch goals. If you missed last years con, you have to check this game out! Find out more about Fable's End.

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