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Media Badges

Media Badges

Are you a member of a commercial press or a media organization and are interested in covering our event so you can create content covering several exhibitors?

Are you a YouTuber or Streamer channel with more than 1,000 followers or subscribers and would like to attend Playthrough to film videos on the show floor or stream from the con?

Qualified individuals may request a free media badge for Playthrough 2024

Please Note:

Meeting all of the requirements for media registration does not guarantee you a media badge

YouTube Channels: You must film on the show floor and cite exhibitors' products or services shown in your video(s). Vlogs preformed outside the con, interviews with other content creators or filming fans or meet ups will not meet these requirements.

Streamers: You must stream from the show floor 

If you or someone you assign to cover Playthrough does not produce content in a timely manner after being granted a media badge, the journalist assigned and/or your outlet may no longer be eligible for media badges to future Playthrough events.

By applying for a media badge, you agree to having Playthrough share your content and use any pictures of the con for advertising.

Please send an email with your full name and information, along with the outlet you represent to

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