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Multiplayer Area

Multiplayer Area and Social Gaming

Remember the days of couch coop and playing group games with friends? Well they are still here, just swing on by our Multiplayer Area and Social Gaming Area to see what we have in store for you.

See if you can be the best at our gaming challenges, just go to the Multiplayer Area to try your luck!


  • Signal to Noise: Highest Score of the Event

  • Donkey Kong Country: (2 player) Get the Farthest in DKC 1 in 5 min

  • Spider Fighter:  Highest score

  • Battletoads: (2 player) The farthest point (fastest time tie breaker)

  • Halo Reach: Highest total score in classic firefight

  • Dudes with Attitudes: Highest Score

  • Streets of Rage 4: Highest room count in survival (points for tiebreaker)

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